Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Argentium Silver Jewelry

My program was given a trial run of the argentium silver that is now available through many suppliers. Below are the results from my experimentation. I like how the argentium crochets, but trying to clean it following the methods recommended online and other from other sources (like heating it in the oven to make it anti-tarnish) were not successful. One piece, Untitled Necklace (below) was definitely tarnishing. Thankfully, it liver of sulfured beautifully.

Both of the crocheted elements in the pieces are the argentium, with the chain and stick pin created from traditional sterling silver. Untitled Brooch, below, maintained its untarnished state. I'm unsure at the moment if I'll consider argentium in the future for crocheted works.

These and other shots, as well as images of more new work, are now up for viewing on my flickr page. Or click the moving icon in the upper right hand corner.

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